From Nevada to Iowa, by Way of New Jersey



I was never able to find a 360 Pickup that was reasonably rust free. During a Micro/Mini meet in Crystal Lake, Illinois, in the summer of 2010, fellow Subaru 360 owner Ronnie Bauman from California suggested I look into a truck for sale in New Jersey that appeared to be in fairly rust-free condition as it had spent most of its life in Nevada where it worked on Irma’s Poultry Farm.


A friend who lived in the New Jersey area agreed to look over the truck. He felt it was a sound vehicle. I had never bought a vehicle without looking at it myself, but decided to take a chance. It was a great decision. As it rolled off the transport I couldn’t have been happier.


I started by getting the truck running so I could drive it a little before dismantling to see if there were hidden problems. The truck showed 19,000 miles and the odometer still worked, so we assumed they were original miles. The transaxle shifted fine and made no noise, but the engine had loud rattling and grinding sounds.


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