Final Touches



The truck was returned to Jeremy in the body shop, where he spent many hours removing small dents and flaws in the body and preparing the entire cab and box for the final finish of three coats of color and three coats of clear. After finish buffing, I assembled the door parts and glass, the rubber moldings, and the outer accessories. Installing the interior completed the base restoration project.


I made side boards and varnished them to install on the box to provide a location for our name and Subaru logo.


Active Locally


I have driven the truck about 1,000 miles since completion and entered it in our Labor Day parade with son Jim’s two young boys dressed as hockey players and sitting on the engine box. It was quite a hit with the spectators.


We plan to have the truck in our Subaru showroom in the winter and use it in the summer for parades and other advertising opportunities.


About the Author and Riley Subaru
My background is as a mechanic, including experience with a supercharged fuel dragster and funny car builder and tuner. I retired from racing to run our businesses full time in 1970.

My brother and I started our Subaru dealership in 1972, and it’s still family owned by partners Jim Riley (my son) and Jeff Haun.

I have always been attracted to small cars and have restored several British sports cars and more recently several National award-winning AMC Metropolitans.



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