Author Trish Riley has provided Drive readers with numerous articles on a variety of subjects through the past few years, from Florida road trips to green roofs to organic gardening and more.


Riley’s passion is environmental issues and innovations worldwide. She is publisher of, author of the Complete Idiot’s Guides to Green Living and Greening Your Business (Penguin, 2007 and 2009), and founding director of Cinema Verde, a Gainesville (Florida) Environmental Film and Arts Festival.


The editors at Drive asked Riley to offer a retrospective of the 10-day festival that took place in March 2011. It was her event’s second year.



We recently finished our second annual Cinema Verde, an environmental film and arts festival. We showed 25 films, held a wonderful Eco Fair with vendors and entertainment, and enjoyed a wealth of Eco Arts activities. These included a fabulous kindergarten through 12th grade art exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida, a literary reading of student essays, and an exciting Eco Artwalk featuring environmentally themed work of more than 70 artists.


Thousands of people were touched by our activities. Throughout the 10 days, people told us how grateful they are that this event is a part of our community.

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