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Outdoor Sports Articles
Partner Profile – American Canoe Association, Making the World a Better Place to Paddle
The ACA promotes recreational paddling, competitions, and facilitates Paddle Green, where paddlers can clean up using mesh bags while on the water.

Summer 2015
Gear Up For Your Paddling Adventure
Before you set off on your next outing, check out these Subaru Gear items designed for your active lifestyle.

Summer 2015
Partner Profile – Making a Difference, but Leaving No Trace
Danielle Rowland and Roland Mott are Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers who live out of an XV Crosstrek Hybrid, camping more than 250 days a year as their job takes them from coast to coast.

Spring 2015
Subaru Life: Spotlight – Ron Strickland, Founder of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail
Strickland always loved outdoor discovery. Beginning in 1970, he began to create a pathway from the Continental Divide at Glacier National Park to the Pacific Ocean at Cape Alava.

Spring 2014
Share the Love: National Park Foundation – A Passion for National Parks
As part of Share the Love, Subaru will donate to the National Park Foundation. The National Park Foundation will use the donations to enrich and support our country’s more than 400 national parks.

Gear Up for Adventure
A collection of Genuine Subaru Accessories and Subaru Gear for the winter months to help you keep active.

Winter 2014
Touring: In Search of “White Gold” – Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Bold adventure in Jackson Hole knows no season – it’s not just for skiing in winter, but holds something epic for every time of year.

Fall 2013
Touring: 8,500-Mile Road Trip
Craig Keener logged 8,544 total miles, including more than 20 points of interest, 14 states, two Canadian provinces, and one Canadian territory.

Summer 2013
Create Your Own Life List
Michael Bock shares the reasons for developing a list of personal goals for your life, then defines a process for achieving them.

Summer 2013
Online Exclusive In the Community: Bike Works – Empowering Through Bicycles
Subaru of America Foundation helps support the Bike Works Programs based in Seattle, Washington, in which youths repair and rebuild recycled bikes for themselves and others.

Spring 2013
Road Trips: Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes
Writer Jan Thomas explores Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve – you’d swear you were in the Sahara!

Spring 2013
Online Exclusive In the Community: City Kids
A grant from Subaru of America Foundation will help the City Kids Wilderness Project provided underprivileged youths with the ability to learn perseverance and the value of working toward goals.

Fall 2012
Ice Climbing: Fear, Exhilaration, and Accomplishment
Climbing here is not for the inexperienced: pitches are steep, precipitation is plentiful, crowds are small, and views are stunning.

Winter 2013
This is Our Mountain
Volunteer climbing ranger Scott Hotaling makes this observation about Mount Rainier: “We are tiny specks, completely insignificant in the grand scheme of the mountain.”

Winter 2013
In the Community: Adventures Without Limits
A grant from Subaru of America Foundation enables adventure trips for at-risk, lower-income youths from the Portland, Oregon, metro area.

Winter 2013
Harness the Wind – The Freedom of Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding champion Damien LeRoy writes: "Feeling the power of the ocean breeze on my skin, I know the conditions are going to make for a perfect day for kiteboarding."

Fall 2012
Wet and Wild Road to the Olympic Games
The Olympic Games have a powerful influence on the lives of thousands of athletes in 28 Olympic sports who strive for positions on their national teams. Meet four of them.

Summer 2012
Owner Spotlight: Jacinda Nettik Brown
Three-time Subaru owner Jacinda Nettik Brown and her husband Kevin do everything Colorado: climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, biking, and running.

Summer 2012
Subaru Partners
Seek the Peak 12th Annual Hike-a-Thon; Win a Trip to a Cool Race in a Beautiful Place; Birding Articles

Summer 2012
Work Hard/Play Hard
Freelance writer Andrea Poe explores the increasingly important goal that many Americans have to strike a work/life balance.

Spring 2012
Canyoneering: Zion National Park, Utah
Steve Bradshaw recounts the challenges, fun, and exhilaration of his canyoneering trips.

Fall 2011
Inside an Athlete's Mind
Through rigorous physical and mental training, professional athletes attain a profound mind/body connection. They don’t like pain, stress, and pressure any more than the rest of us. They ’re just better at managing it.

Summer 2011
Subaru Partners/Events
Subaru Outback used to fight animal cruelty; Subaru Outback Mountain Biking and Discovery Adventure.

Fall 2010
Your Turn: Letters from Readers
Finding two Subaru 360 models; City mom goes camping; Dog helps man; Quilting bee; Across Death Valley; Forester gone to the dog.

Fall 2010
Your Turn: Letters from Readers
Last winter’s snow; four dogs in a Forester; dogs in Forester and Outback; Camp Dogwood; Outback camper; Outback with character; kayaks on a Forester; Bumper stickers.

Summer 2010
Ocean Diving: Stepping into Another World
Freelance writer Trish Riley steps into the adventuresome waters of ocean diving, giving us a newcomer’s perspective on the sport.

Summer 2010
Your Turn: Letters from Readers
Camping at Pismo Beach; a crazy Yorkie; hauling organic produce; neighborhood Subarubies; CARE FOR REAL; his first Subaru; outdoor adventures in New Hampshire; Cinnamon Pass in a Tribeca.

Spring 2010
Checklist for Camping
Subaru vehicles and accessories help ensure your continued safety and enhanced convenience for a trip to the mountains, lake, woods, or anywhere else. Here’s a checklist of accessories to help make your camping experience a great one!

Spring 2010
Midwest City Mom in the Wilderness
Writer Jennifer Fischer joins a group of journalists for the Subaru Responsible Recreation Excursion Camping Event in Grand Teton National Park. Before her trip, the closest she’d ever come to camping was buying trail mix!

Spring 2010
Biodynamic Vineyards – Inviting Nature Back In
As author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living, Trish Riley recently toured one of California’s green wineries. Here she gives us her impressions of its biodynamic growing practices.

Winter 2010
Your Turn: Letters from Readers
The travels of a 100,000-mile 2003 Legacy L; 2006 Legacy SE Wagon inspires a 1974 Yamaha TX500; a Forester on beach patrol; family get-togethers; a Tribeca in South America.

Winter 2010