The newest-generation Legacy deftly integrated contemporary look and feel with traditional Subaru Core Technologies. The 2.5GT gives enthusiasts the performance they crave along with added efficiencies for today's driving. 



One of my family's vehicles is a 2006 Legacy 2.5i Wagon, so I looked forward to spending time in an all-new Legacy – especially one with a turbocharged engine. On a four-day junket, my teenaged son, Emerson, and I traveled 1,160 miles from New Jersey into the Northeastern states in a Ruby Red Pearl 2010 Legacy 2.5GT Limited.


Taking Another Look


Previously, I explored the 2010 Legacy at auto shows and in production at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. So the appearance of the preproduction 2.5GT that we picked up at Subaru headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, held no surprises.


The smooth sides, bold front and rear lighting assemblies, fender creases on the hood, and high rear deck emphasize the larger dimensions of the new Legacy. Plus, the 15-spoke, 18-inch wheels and 215/45 R18 performance tires add to the impression of mass, right down to the tires' tread design.


The one design feature that I remembered from the interior was the wood trim in front. It was the first thing that Emerson pointed out as something he liked.



Sections of the steering wheel and the center dash have the appearance of brushed aluminum. This design element integrates the driver's cockpit. The chrome-trimmed instrument panel, with its white-and-bluish lighting, complements that design and becomes a focal point.


Another interior highlight is the six-speed manual transmission shifter.


With all of its updates and improved design, though, the 2010 Legacy retains a "corporate familiarity" – you know that you're in a Subaru.


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