Observations from the Cabin


More than 1,100 miles in a car gives you plenty of time to explore the interior. Teenagers are good at that. Here are some of our observations.





Upholstered in perforated Off-Black Leather, the seats proved comfortable for the long haul – one day of at least eight hours. The airflow through the seating surfaces along with the dual-zone automatic climate control kept us cool when outside temperatures reached as high as 90 degrees. On the other hand, Emerson thought the heated seats would be a wonderful thing for winters in our home state of Wisconsin.


To reach the rear seats, the doors give passengers a wide opening. Rear leg room seems greater than in our wagon.


Instrument Panel


In the center – between the tachometer and speedometer – a digital display shows the selected transmission gear once the clutch is released. The display was particularly helpful when I was getting used to the sixth forward gear. It also provides odometer and trip odometer readings, cruise control status, and other information.


Controls and Switches


Knobs and buttons on the center dash have large surfaces, making them easy to operate. The turn-signal and wiper stalks have an unusually hefty feel that is quite pleasant and reassuring.


The switch for opening the trunk lid is at the driver's left knee. Pressing it for more than one second opens the trunk. A button on the car's ignition key also opens the trunk lid by pressing it for at least two seconds.


The control for the Electronic Parking Brake is located left of the steering column, too. I learned to be sure to depress the brake pedal when applying the parking brake and to depress the clutch and brake pedal when releasing it – otherwise, the BRAKE light flashes.


The Bluetooth®2 feature walks you through setup for an appropriate cell phone to enable conversations using controls on the steering wheel.




The glovebox seems to be larger – just by appearance. The two-tiered center console has plenty of storage space, and Emerson thought the top level was ideal for his hand-held video game. The height of the console armrest matches that of the door armrest.


Two storage spaces in the center dash (one with a door) held miscellaneous cargo such as our phones, wallets, gum, and pens. Emerson also liked the overhead console for storing glasses.


Two cup holders in front and two in back (in the fold-down armrest) are handy, plus there is a bottle holder in each door panel. Between cups full of dry cereal, water bottles, and juice, we needed all the storage space the car had to offer.




The Final Word


In the end, both Emerson and I were enamored of the new Legacy, but for different reasons. I enjoyed the available power and crisp and confident handling, and he loved the spacious and comfortable accommodations – especially the power front passenger seat.


You'd think it would be the other way around!


1 harman/kardon is a registered trademark of Harman International Industries, Inc.

2 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


Read more about the 2010 Legacy in Summer 2009 Drive.

Go to www.subaru.com for more about the Legacy.

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