Quality by Design


Another similarity between Subaru Automotive and Subaru Robin is their insistence on quality products. Development and manufacturing teams meet on a regular basis to exchange information to help improve quality. They take into account test results and customer comments to help make improvements.


During the manufacturing process, every engine is tested for performance and quality manufacturing.


As a result, the full range of approximately 2,000 Subaru Robin engines continually evolve to be more environmentally friendly and quieter.



Another process used by Subaru Robin that’s similar to Subaru Automotive is its recycling of shipping containers and parts. Shipping crates and frames along with packaging materials are reused or recycled.


Subaru Robin America


Although engines are not manufactured at Robin America headquarters in Lake Zurich, Illinois, as many as 30,000 units are stored in the facility. Also, the building has a year’s supply of parts for engines that are in the field.


Subaru Robin and Subaru Automotive use separate distribution channels in the United States. But, across the board, Subaru Robin and Subaru Automotive exhibit similar characteristics: quality, innovation, technology, environmental responsibility, and responsiveness to the customer.


For more about Subaru Robin, go to www.subarupower.com.

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