Remember Pong®?


The simple eight-bit table-tennis game that rocked the 1970s seems worlds away when you look at today’s video games with dynamic three-dimensional graphics, full-body motion control – even voice activation.


Subaru vehicles are prominently featured in both the Gran Turismo series and the Forza series. Even Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a vehicle that looks suspiciously like an old Legacy rally car, with its bright blue paint, yellow graphics, and large rear spoiler.

Dan Loosen has been a gamer since he was old enough to man the Space Invaders joystick on his dad’s Atari 2600. Now 31, he’s the co-founder of the annual Midwest Gaming Classic, the largest all-encompassing electronic gaming trade show in the Midwest.


Loosen understands the appeal of video games.


“Gaming gives players different skills to master and the ability to dream bigger dreams than we otherwise might have dreamt,” he said. “If someone wants to escape into a fantasy world where dragons live, they can do that with a game. If they want to play baseball for a Major League team, they can do that. And if they just want to go for a high score to compare their skills with their friends, they can do that, too. No matter what type of person you are, you can probably find something that appeals perfectly to you.”




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