On a recent trip to New York City, I took advantage of my proximity to Marlo Scott’s Sweet Revenge®. It was mid-morning, and, after a strenuous cab ride, I was ready for a second breakfast!


We had arranged to meet at Sweet Revenge because I wanted to experience the ambience, the people there, and, of course, the food! Sweet Revenge is nestled into a row of small restaurants and shops that would be fun to explore, had I more time. But cupcakes were calling, and I felt obliged to answer. (Travel is all about food.)


I arrived early, due to my family training more than anything else, and chose a cupcake for starters. Yum!


The bar’s visual treatment that I had read about was all there – the vintage doors, stucco-like walls, open kitchen, and hand-crafted bar. The place is well-worn and friendly.


In conversation with Marlo Scott, she pointed out some of the other highlights, such as the subway tiles, the aged mirrors, the parchment-like cupcake wrappers, the painted bird on the ceiling, and the wall design carried through in the bar top.


I snapped a few images, including Scott and two of her employees, Angela Sharp and Kenny Adams. 


We asked Scott what she wanted her customers to experience when they walk through the doorway of Sweet Revenge. Here’s what she told us. Play audio.


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