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Urbanite meets survivalist.
What: Body height: 63.6 inches (standard automobile); Ground clearance 8.7 inches (SUV)

Why: Comfort, maneuverability

Yep, we figured it out: How to keep the body height to a nimble 63.6 inches, while jacking up the ground clearance to a boulder-clearing 8.7 inches. And whether you’re navigating a precarious mountain switchback or trying to cross four lanes of traffic during rush hour, you'll appreciate the stable, lower center of gravity the XV Crosstrek offers.

What: Light, yet higher-tensile strength steel

Why: More agile, improved fuel economy, enhanced safety

Its steel plate unit body is shockingly light – bodyshell weight is reduced by 22.00 lbs (10kg) and bending stiffness is improved by 25 percent by the use of high-tensile strength steel. This not only makes the XV Crosstrek all the more agile, but improves fuel economy; and additional reinforcement from the high tensile-strength steel duly creates a safety-supporting cocoon in the event of a collision.

What: Edge-style corners, peel-off roof rail tips, underbody air flaps/panels

Why: Coefficient of drag 0.35, stellar fuel economy, quiet interior

In keeping with our unorthodox, yet highly critical approach to the XV Crosstrek, we optimized every inch of the exterior to travel as efficiently as possible – even in a virtual wind tunnel. Thus, we've got edge-styled corners on the front and rear bumpers to reduce turbulence and drag. Not to mention, tips at the back of the roof rails cut down wind resistance on top, and uniquely shaped mudguards, air flaps, and an extra-large underfloor cover to address aerodynamics underneath.