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What: Narrow A-pillars, door-mounted mirrors, expanded view

Why: Excellent visibility, safety

The XV Crosstrek has nothing to hide. Blind spots have been minimized in every possible way, and visibility heightened. Namely, by narrowing the A-pillar: The roof support running from ceiling to door, between the side driver and passenger windows and the windshield. Doing so further broadens the visible horizon. Additionally, side mirrors are door mounted for a sharper view and larger than expected.

What: Dual SRS front, SRS knee, SRS side, SRS curtain airbags1; Sensor position; Deployment

Why: Improved occupant safety

Features that the auto industry typically designs to merely meet a standard “status quo” have been carefully reconsidered in the XV Crosstrek. Airbags1 have been reshaped and airbag1 sensors repositioned, giving a nuanced-level of consideration to anatomy, lessening their force of impact when deployed and maximizing reliability. A unique SRS driver’s side knee airbag1 cushions lower limb areas in the event of a collision and the side airbags1 protect not only the chest area, but the entire upper torso.

1. The airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) affords the driver and the front passenger additional protection in moderate to severe frontal and side-impact collisions and outboard 2nd row passengers additional protection in moderate to severe side-impact collisions. This system provides supplemental protection only, and seatbelts must be worn in order to avoid injuries to out-of-position occupants upon bag deployment and to provide the best combined protection in a serious accident. Children should always be properly restrained in one of the rear seats. See Owner's Manual for recommended seating position.
What: Extra-rigid seat frames, rearward-moving seatback

Why: Reduce whiplash, absorb impact

Leaving no safety stone unturned, the XV Crosstrek has extra-rigid seat frames that assist in firmly restraining both the head and torso, preventing the neck from pivoting backward. Impact energy is further absorbed by a seatback that disengages and moves backward upon impact.

What: Reinforced toe board, diagonal members

Why: Improved safety in front and rear collisions

A beefed-up toe board protects against the rearward movement of the gas pedal upon impact of a front collision. Reinforced sections near the A-pillar help transfer front and rear impact energy around a ring-shaped reinforcement frame design, and away from passengers.

What: 4-wheel disc brakes; Brake Assist; Brake Override System

Why: Maximum braking capability

Brakes that respond to rain-soaked roads as if they were bone dry? Yep, the 4-wheel disc braking system of the XV Crosstrek pulls it off with ease. And in an emergency, Brake Assist technology maximizes the braking force applied, safely. Further upping the Subaru reputation for vigilance, the Brake Override System can literally override acceleration and prioritize braking, in the event a driver panics and hits both the accelerator and brake pedal.