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Space & sanity saver.
What: Wide variety of small-item storage spaces

Why: Convenience – and even safety

Virtually everywhere you can reach, there’s a cup holder or compartment made to fit the little things in life that used to get lost in (or under) seats: Phone. Pens. Gum. Wallet. Sunglasses. CDs (if you ever misplace your MP3 player, that is – but of course, there’s a place to easily keep that in reach as well).

What: 60/40-split fold-down rear seatback; Flat cargo floor

Why: Cargo versatility, comfort, and convenience

Fold down the left. Fold down the right. Fold down both. Whatever or whoever you haul, it's doable with the 60/40-split fold-down rear seatback. Specifically for non-human cargo, it'll slide in simply, thanks to the flat cargo floor.

What: Wheelbase, seating, doors, dash areas designed for maximum interior space

Why: Passenger comfort

During most long car rides – even if everyone’s an "adult" – you'll hear a "Jimmy’s kicking me!"-style whine about feeling cramped. Unless you’re in the XV Crosstrek, where everything from the doors to the dash contribute to having plenty of stretch-out room.

The highlights: Lower power-window mechanisms in the doors to allow for slimmer (yet still strong) upper doors, resulting in elbow room, all-around. An extra-long 103.7-inch wheelbase provides more spacious rear leg room, topped off with cleverly designed front seatbacks that allow tall backseaters some extra knee space. Even the heating and air conditioning ductwork was designed to promote maximum interior space. And the instrument panel was positioned to allow for maximum driver wiggle room – and when the driver's happy, everybody's happy.

What: Wider door openings

Why: Greater ease, comfort

When it comes to versatility, the XV Crosstrek keeps things super simple: wider doors anyone? You got it. How about doors designed to open wider than your average crossover can? Cross it off your list. (The 103.7-inch wheelbase does wonders for stretching door lengths as well.) And low door sills in both the front and back make it easier than ever to pile in – even if you're covered in sludge and so crazy exhausted from that mud run that you can barely lift a toe.