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Subaru Life
Subaru on Patrol
Blue Mountain Ski Patrol, a member of the National Ski Patrol (NSP), is located in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, and has a membership of 173 patrollers. The last Subaru survey count of our patrollers and their immediate families was more than 50 Subaru vehicles! Needless to say, our patrol parking lot during the winter ski season contains a beautiful array of just about every make, model and color Subaru has produced
over the years.
Photo: Chris Whitpan
This is a photo of our members each showing off their Subaru prior to our recent spring general meeting. Thank you, Subaru, for making great vehicles that easily get us through the mountains in any weather so we can volunteer for the NSP.
Subaru Terrarium
I bought a Subaru Impreza in 2012, and it has given me four years of trouble-free, reliable transportation. My hobby is making three-dimensional scenes in Plexiglas terrariums ( I have built a Subaru-themed terrarium with a miniature WRX on the inside called “My Subaru Takes Me to a Cliffside Beach.” I have more than 40 terrariums with all kinds of scenic views and painted backgrounds.
Legacy Love
I drove by this mural in my hometown of Houston the other day and thought this would be a great place to show off my new Legacy! We drove Euro cars for years and have recently bought two Subaru vehicles. This baby is mine, and my wife drives a 2013 Outback. Between my Legacy and my wife’s Outback, I feel like we have the best of both worlds.
We are Subaru drivers for life!
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