Inside, minor color and material changes help to make Forester more comfortable. The dash panel is now a textured soft shell, and steering wheel control switches have gone from silver to black for improved visibility.


Plus, in Touring models, levers in the cargo area control a rear seatback folding feature, allowing users to lower the rear seatbacks from the rear gate opening.


But electronics are the big story inside the 2011 Forester. For example, Bluetooth®1 is standard on all but the 2.5X. New audio systems are standard on Premium, Limited, and Touring models. A rear vision camera is standard with this system on Touring models and available as an accessory on the 2.5X Limited.


Plus, an optional TomTom®2 navigation system for the 2.5X Premium includes a removable 4.3-inch touch-screen portable device. (See the 2011 Product Preview for Parts and Accessories for more on the TomTom navigation system.)


Also, HD Radio™ technology is available for Limited and Touring models.




In non-turbocharged models, a new engine (designated FB25) sits under the hood. It has the first completely new design from Subaru in 20 years.


Subaru had a number of goals for FB25, including improved fuel economy and higher performance, especially at low engine speeds (low-end torque). Major differences between the FB25 and the EJ25 (which remains the engine of choice for turbocharged Forester models) include:

  • Smaller bore and longer stroke
  • Slightly higher displacement
  • Chain-driven double-overhead camshafts instead of belt-driven single-overhead camshafts


Compared with the previous non-turbocharged EJ25 engine, the FB25 produces:

  • Same horsepower, but at lower rpm
  • Slightly higher torque at lower rpm
  • Improved fuel economy


The 2011 Forester is scheduled to be in your dealer’s showroom in October.


Read about earlier third-generation Forester models and driving impressions in Spring 2008.

1 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
2 TomTom is a registered trademark of TomTom International B.V. Corporation.  

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