Humble Beginnings


I am a private investigator, and I love using my Subaru for work. I can always count on my Legacy GT to get me out of a dangerous situation. It’s fast, agile, comfortable, and safe – the best car for the job.


I found these two Subaru 360s while working in South Carolina. Such humble beginnings! Thank you, Subaru, for building such great cars.


~ Grant Hendey, Burlington, NC




How Cool is That?


The kids love going camping, fishing, or anywhere outside in the Subaru. Here is a picture of us going to the neighborhood pool for the first time this year with all of our floats. They thought it was very cool!


 ~ Andrew Fay, Granite Falls, NC


Editor’s note: We recommend maintaining visibility to the rear and to the sides. Always refer to and abide by the weight limits in your Owner’s Manual.




Dad’s Helper


While I’ve moved on to a 2009 Outback Impreza Sport, we frequently use our older Subie – a 1997 Outback. One day my dad decided to take a look under the hood to check fluid levels. He had a little “helper”…


~ Stephanie Supple, Boulder, CO




Subaru Quilting Bee


In March during our annual weekend quilting bee in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, eight Subaru vehicles out of 11 cars were parked in the driveway of the woman’s home hosting the event. An Impreza driver came down from New Hampshire, one Outback driver was from Massachusetts, and the remaining Outback and Forester vehicles were registered to Rhode Island drivers, along with the Legacy parked inside the two-car garage!


We all joked that the driveway looked like a small Subaru dealership. Even our weekend chef drove a Forester!


~ Cynthia Yemma Faia, South Kingstown, RI



“Dear Subaru” Updated

We know owners love their Subaru vehicles, and this fall Subaru is updating the “Dear Subaru” section online. Stay tuned for enhanced user experience, and be sure to check back to share your Subaru stories at


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