Farming in a Subaru


When we found out that we were laughed at by a local farmer for farming in a Subaru, it became our battle cry out there in Oregon’s wide-open, rugged wheat country, where all other farmers have big old trucks. “We’re farming in a Subaru!” we’d proudly call out the window. My husband was following a dream: to plant a vineyard and make wine, and we used our trusty old dusty Subaru to get us started.


It goes without saying that a Subaru by nature is poised for adventure. But we didn’t know how much a Subaru could help us with our dream. We should’ve known.


Bought brand-new, our 1996 Legacy Outback had seen some, done some: on all the trips in the Pacific Northwest – to the Oregon Coast, to Montana, Mt. Hood, Bend, Banff, even around the world – she was so loved that she was shipped overseas to Germany for a work assignment. Boy, could she hold her own on the Autobahn and up those windy Swiss Alp roads.


Back home, she was all we had as we traveled each weekend from Portland (where we keep our day jobs) down the Columbia Gorge to The Dalles, where we planted and farmed our vineyard. We loaded her with stuff (and dust), and she went happily along.


She was such a part of our lives and dreams. There’s nothing better than being out on the land and exclaiming, “We’re farming in a Subaru!” We think that Suby loved hearing it, too.


~ Stephanie LaMonica, Portland, OR



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