being ready for anything


California. It’s a country unto itself in many ways and home to a multitude of micro-climates. It runs the full gamut in terms of topography. The odds of encountering dramatically different weather and terrain an hour out from wherever you start your journey are pretty high. Perfect for the XV Crosstrek.


Case in point: There are no two more different locations within the same 10- to 15-mile radius than metro-area Los Angeles and the national forests just northeast of the city limits. The forest begins where the metro area ends. And being from the Midwest, I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by both areas.


But whether I’m amid L.A.’s perpetual traffic or on the slopes of the mountain forests, the trait every part of California shares is a certain sense of wildness. It has many layers – some dark, quiet, and underground; others bright, airy, and open.


Everyone feels and responds to this otherworldly draw of California differently. Me? I tap into it behind the wheel. In a state that’s virtually a living, breathing dichotomy, there’s no better place to put the XV Crosstrek through its paces. It’s rugged, yet sleek. A city slicker that’s closely in tune with nature.


I’ve driven around the southern part of this state many times. But in an XV Crosstrek, it became a whole new experience – even more so while driving a vehicle that’s ready for anything California can throw at me.

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