Genuine Subaru Accessories Spotlight:



Outback Rear Seatback Protector


A rear seatback protector covers the seatbacks with a tough covering. It provides additional protection to the rear seatback when transporting cargo – either from contact with rear cargo when raised or supporting cargo when lowered.


The protector can be used in conjunction with the Rear Cargo Tray to preserve the carpeting across the length of the cargo area. Seatback protectors also are available for 5-Door Impreza models and XV Crosstrek models (


See your Subaru retailer for details. 


Stop, Thief!


Help to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle or its contents. Take these steps:

  • Lock your vehicle every time you leave it – even at home
  • Always remove your keys from the ignition and the vehicle
  • Put all packages and electronic devices in the trunk or covered cargo area – that includes electric cords
  • Park in non-isolated areas with plenty of light 



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