Comedian Sarah Silverman visits and performs with SiriusXM
“Seth Speaks” host Seth Rudetsky in SiriusXM New York City studios.

Slash performing live in studio.

Talk and Entertainment


27 talk and entertainment channels, which include:

  • Howard Stern1
  • Oprah Radio
  • The Opie & Anthony Channel
  • Doctor Radio
  • SiriusXM Book Radio
  • The Catholic Channel



Artist dedicated channels and more


13 of their commercial-free music channels created with legendary artists and iconic music partners, including:

  • Shade 45, Eminem’s uncut hip-hop channel
  • Elvis® Radio
  • Grateful Dead Channel
  • Radio Margaritaville produced by Jimmy Buffett
  • Ozzy’s Boneyard, classic hard rock presented by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Willie’s Roadhouse
  • B.B. King’s Bluesville
  • Siriusly Sinatra
  • Underground Garage produced by “Little Steven” Van Zandt
  • Studio 54 Radio
  • Metropolitan Opera Radio


 Plus, you’ll find music from every genre:

  • Rock
  • Country
  • Hip-Hop/R&B Soul
  • Jazz/Standards
  • Classical
  • Christian
  • Dance/Electronic


Find more information on SiriusXM under Owner’s Resource Center on





5 comedy channels:

  • Laugh USA
  • Blue Collar Radio
  • The Foxxhole presented by Jamie Foxx
  • Raw Dog Comedy
  • Laugh Attack



Satellites and Their Coverage


SiriusXM uses a fleet of satellites positioned over the equator in orbit 22,000 feet above the earth.

  • Six satellites are in a geostationary orbit; i.e., always in the same post relative to the earth, always a “dot” on the map.
  • The other three satellites are in a geosynchronous orbit; i.e., their paths look like a “figure 8” to someone on the earth.


SiriusXM offers 3,717,792 square miles of seamless coast-to-coast coverage.


1 Requires a subscription to XM Premier package.

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