Santa’s Sleigh


by Roger and Susan Kletsch, Puyallup, WA



Recently, we had the opportunity to utilize our 2009 Subaru Forester as “Santa’s sleigh” on behalf of needy kids around the globe. We were asked to serve as local church volunteers for Operation Christmas Child, a Christian humanitarian relief organization that ships shoe boxes filled with donated toys, school supplies, and personal hygiene items to children living in extreme poverty. The response was tremendous.


On the delivery date, we had to figure out how to quickly transport hundreds of filled boxes to a collection site half an hour away. By folding down the back seat, we easily packed dozens of boxes in the car. Amazing!


It was a real joy to participate and to use our Forester in such a worthy endeavor on behalf of others.


Storm Chaser


by Chris Zarzar, Asheville, NC



I had the opportunity to take my Subaru, named Roy G. Biv, on its first storm-chasing trip. We drove 4,722 miles from North Carolina and went all across the South from Georgia to New Mexico chasing storms.


I had the opportunity to push the limits of Roy G. by taking him through deep mud, hail, flooding, and even on the beach. We saw some good storms, we got some great pictures of my Subaru in action, and we had a blast!



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