Hilary Baar


Fall 2014

Established in 1967, the National Park Foundation (NPF) helps protect more than 400 National Parks, connects Americans to them, and inspires the next generation of park stewards. As the official nonprofit partner of the U.S. National Park Service, the NPF raises private funds that directly aid, support, and enrich the parks and their programs.


Both Subaru and the NPF share a passion for the outdoors, communities, and the nation’s treasured natural resources. “It’s a great partnership,” explained Hilary Baar. “The Subaru culture is about connecting people with nature. National Parks do the same thing.”
Baar loves her job. “Not only do I get to help support the parks, but I also get to hear how people love them,” she said. “The parks tell the story of America.”
In her free time, Baar enjoys road trips with her dogs, Clint and Toffee, in her 1999 Legacy Outback Sedan. “I just hit 190,000 miles, so we’ve been on many trips,” she said. “As far north as Martha’s Vineyard and as far south as the tip of Key West.”

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