Peter Huntoon


Fall 2014

“Life is an adventure, and loading my gear into the Art Bus for a day in Vermont always leads to something good.” 



With rural back roads and cold, harsh winters, Vermont is the perfect place for a Subaru – the vehicle of choice for countless hardy New Englanders. But among those traversing the Vermont countryside, one Subaru stands out.

Local artist Peter Huntoon is the owner of a 2012 Outback, which has become well-known around the state as the “Art Bus.” Huntoon, a Vermont-themed watercolor and oil painter, captures mesmerizing scenes from all around the Green Mountain State that are enjoyed by art lovers across the country. 

The rustic farms, luminous lakes, and rugged landscapes of Vermont are what the state has become known for, and for more than 20 years, Huntoon has set out to capture them all. Sporting his trademark ART BUS license plate, Huntoon travels the state in his Subaru – safely, comfortably, and in style – searching for inspiring subject matter. 

Woodstock Middle Bridge

With the recent launch of his new website, his artistic journey is on full display. The website, featuring live auctions, monthly print giveaways, and weekly paintings, gives subscribers insider access to Huntoon’s most recent creations. 

“Art has the power to connect us across time and space,” said Huntoon. “My hope is to initiate an ongoing conversation that celebrates Vermont through art.”

Referring to the all-wheel drive Outback as his mobile studio, it serves as his workhorse and faithful companion as he navigates the Green Mountain State through all seasons and weather. On his journeys he said he follows his heart, and his Subaru takes him there.