here are a few tips that will help you make the most of it.


Real estate agents will tell you to do certain things to make your home more saleable, such as applying a fresh coat of paint in worn areas, emptying closets and cleaning out the clutter to create the perception of spaciousness. These simple things can improve the overall perceived value of your home, making your asking price more acceptable.


The same holds true for your car as you’re getting ready to trade it in. When you include your used vehicle or truck as part of the negotiated price for a new vehicle, the dealer will be challenged with another sale before he realizes the full value of the transaction. The more saleable your vehicle appears to the dealer, the more you can expect to get for your trade-in. Needed and obvious repairs will immediately become deductions from what a dealer will be able to offer you as a wholesale price for the vehicle. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve your vehicle’s trade-in value.



First impressions are lasting ones


How your vehicle looks at a glance sets the first impression. A thorough wash and wax job can help restore the luster to your vehicle, making it look years younger than it is. Clean often overlooked spots such as doorframes, trunk edges and wheel wells. These are places that hide dirt and most likely will be noticed by a dealer.


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