The all-new, third-generation Subaru Forester incorporates requests by previous forester buyers for improved comfort, space, utility, driving dynamics, and safety. The 2009 Forester will arrive at Subaru dealerships this spring.


Subaru Forester, the most award-winning small SUV in America,1 has changed ... and all for the better. Although its legions of advocate owners will tell you that it was fine as it was, they won’t be disappointed at the 2009 version of the SUV. The 2009 Forester is, in a way, theirs.


In designing the new Forester, Subaru took into account considerable input from previous owners and looked at how people use their vehicles. For instance, owners wanted more rear-seat legroom, easier access to the rear seat, and more cargo room -- all without a significant increase in vehicle size. That’s what the 2009 Forester provides ... and more.


Part of the Subaru Family


From nose to tail, the new Forester adopts familiar Subaru styling cues. In the front, the nose is reminiscent of Subaru Tribeca, and “hawkeye” lighting assemblies recall those of the Legacy, Outback, and Impreza. Outback- and Legacy-like lighting assemblies also adorn the back.


The lines around the wheel arches and across the sides are similar to those of the Tribeca, as are the door handle designs and the shape and tilt of the rear quarter windows. The door windows are framed, like those of the Tribeca and Impreza.


Inside, the sweeping twin cockpit design picks up lines established by Tribeca at its introduction. That sweep has been reiterated in Impreza. The convenient controls inside the new Forester along with an easy-to-read instrument panel are Subaru hallmarks.


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