Here, too, is where the personality of the Legacy 3.6R reveals itself. Even though this car is impressive as a touring car, it shows a youthful, energetic side when pressed into action on more adventuresome routes. It takes the curves like a smaller, lighter car – though still very much a Subaru.


Through the mud, ice, and snow, we remained in control – even when pushing a bit. Some of the roads allowed us to exercise the Legacy's Vehicle Dynamics Control.


Although the 3.6R has the demeanor of a gracious midsize family sedan, in its heart and soul it's an exciting sports sedan.



Observations from Others


Every day, other participants in the drive would wander over to the Legacy and want to know about it: Which model is it? What's the interior look like? How much space does it have? What transmission does it have?


They seemed impressed by the upgraded interior and by its power. In particular, one man who is a little more than 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 260 pounds remarked about the rear seat comfort and head room after riding in the car.





This Legacy is a delight! For someone who enjoys effortless travel, the 3.6R delivers. The torque-filled engine, Symmetrical AWD, generous size, and full complement of amenities should make the Legacy 3.6R a serious candidate for serious travelers.


For specific features on this and other Subaru models, go to www.subaru.com or see your dealer.


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