Cabbage, Beets, and Kale


Last November, my mom and I delivered a carload of organic produce from our friend, farmer Dave, to our local food shelf: 305 pounds of cabbage, approximately 25 pounds of beets, and approximately 10 pounds of mixed kale. They were elated!


It was no trouble at all in our 2007 "multipurpose" Suby.


~ Espen Hunt, Nisswa, MN




Pack the Car


We started a grassroots event that offers friends, family, and neighbors a convenient location to drop off food and clothing for our local community organization, CARE FOR REAL. The first event (1/9/10) was hugely successful because of the enthusiasm of our local community. Thanks to the Subaru Impreza, we had enough room to pack the car, filling up nearly half of the CARE FOR REAL's receiving room. Check out our page at


~ Steven Pryor, Chicago, IL



First Subaru



Here is a picture of me with my first Subaru in 1978. Of course, this model was a little bit hard to find.


Years later, I'm a proud owner of two Outbacks and looking to add another!


I still wish I had that BRAT, though!


~ Reid Jutras, Rockford, IL



Wader Ready


I am an outdoor writer for newspapers and magazines and write about my fishing exploits. My Subaru Outback plays an important role during my research for these articles.



These adventures take me through the White Mountains and the great north woods of New Hampshire. The all-wheel drive and high clearance fit my needs as I drive the back roads and abandoned lumber roads to some of the remote ponds and trailheads.


The Outback easily holds all my rods, waders, and fishing gear, including a fully inflated float tube.


~ Raymond Kucharski, Waterville Valley, NH


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