Family of Five


This is our family of five Subaru vehicles: 1983 GL Wagon with 369,000 original miles, 1995 Legacy, 1999 Forester, 2006 Legacy, and 2008 Outback.



Since our first Subaru, we were sold. Subaru is the only brand of car we will buy if we ever need another car.


~ Doug Morse, Great Falls, MT







The Twins


When my car of 18 years finally died, I knew what I wanted. But my husband's truck of 12 years was close to its end, and he wanted the same.


No problem: We love having TWO Subaru Foresters. They are both 2007 models and happen to be the same color. We call them "The Twins."


They look and handle great, and we are impressed with the engineering and safety ratings. Friends all say the back seat is comfortable, and our German shepherds love the Compartment Separator/Dog Guard for safety and comfort. We have bought many of the other great accessories that just sweeten the journey.


I'd say that we are groupies for life. As someone said of Subaru: "It's a following."


~ Helen and John Bowser, Virginia Beach, VA





Green Forester


I purchased my 1998 green Subaru Forester new October 15 of 1998. It was my first new vehicle. It is now 11 years old and has 262,000 miles on it. I love my car. It makes a great conversation piece, as my name is Heather Green and my profession is a village forester. To have the last name of Green in my profession is fun. To drive a "green Forester" adds icing to the cake.


My car has been very dependable, provided much security, and has been fun. It has been a very good investment. Thank you to Subaru for making my car-owning experience a pleasure!


I joined your Guinness World Record™ parade event in Itasca last summer. I did not see a Subaru Forester of this age, but I did see some other older Subaru vehicles. That was nice to be a part of this event as well.


Keep up the great work Subaru!


~ Heather Green, Lockport, IL





Five Subaru Vehicles = >500,000 Miles


I have now driven for more than half a million miles in 27 years with my five Subaru vehicles: 1983 GL, 1992 Justy, 1993 Impreza LX, 2002 Impreza Sport, 2004 Outback.


I have never been let down (car not starting or major breakdown) even once during that half million miles!


My new goal is now 1 million miles!


~ Andre Tremblay, Pittsburgh, PA




Life with a 1998 Outback Wagon


I have just passed 503,500 miles in my 1998 Outback. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my car.


Here are some short tidbits from her life. I live out in the country in New Hampshire but work in the Boston area, so I get caught in snowstorms a lot. During one storm in the winter of 2001, I ended up going up my driveway (that's a short but steep hill) before the snowplow cleaned the 14 inches of snow off it.


I have transported beagles from Maine to Connecticut (I volunteer for a beagle rescue) and back, getting them into foster homes or their final adopting home.


The best is that my car safely got me back and forth from New Hampshire to Connecticut to visit my mom multiple times a week when she was dying of cancer.


My Subaru the best car I have ever owned!


~ Sharon Vartanian, New Boston, New Hampshire

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