Subaru Support After Tornado Destruction


On May 22, 2011, an EF5 tornado (with winds of more than 200 mph) hit Joplin, Missouri, leaving 9,500 people displaced approximately 1,000 injured, and more than 150 dead or critically injured.


As is the nature of Subaru owners, Subaru of America as a company, and local Subaru dealers, they stepped up to the task of helping where needed.


Roper Subaru


Roper Subaru of Joplin, Missouri, is located three blocks south of where the tornado hit the city. The dealership escaped the destruction, but more than 10 employees were affected directly by the disaster.


To help the community, Roper donated $250 from each car sold in one month last fall to the Joplin school district, with those funds donated nearing $500,000.


Kevin Blase, sales manager at Roper Subaru, was one of those affected by the tornado."I lost my house and everything I own ... I've seen a lot of people come in and help as I went through the debris at my house. Many people from the community and outside the community came in and helped try to clean up and do what they could.


"Subaru along with Roper Subaru has done everything they can to help me."


The destruction was so great that it will be years before the city will look the same. The rebuilding has just begun: The hospital has broken ground and the school is starting its process.


Adventure Subaru


Located 60 miles south of Joplin, Missouri, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Adventure Subaru responded to the immsate need of tornado survivors.


The dealership became a point of contact to drop off supplies for the tornado victims. Two to three truckloads were taken to the Joplin community.


A week after a tornado hit Joplin, another touched down in Arkansas. Adventure took their collected items that Joplin was no longer taking and distributed them to the community in Arkansas that had been hit.


Kevin Blase put the outreach and the support of the Subaru community best: "It's been amazing."


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