The Sum of All Their Parts


Good fuel economy is the result of good design – from the shape of a vehicle’s body to the shape of an intake port and from the air pressure in the tires to the pressure of piston rings against cylinder walls.


Subaru engineers push technology to deliver a vehicle capable of excellent fuel economy. Then it’s up to the driver to match those efforts with proper vehicle maintenance and driving techniques for the best mileage possible.




Maintenance and Driving Style


All the work that Subaru has done to help improve fuel economy in its vehicles is needless if drivers fail to maintain their vehicles, accelerate with jack-rabbit starts, and drive at high speeds (against the wind!). Common sense will help you reduce fuel consumption.


Maintenance Schedule


Follow the maintenance schedule in your Warranty and Maintenance Booklet to keep your Subaru running as efficiently as possible. Follow the schedule for fluid changes, wear item replacement, tire rotation, wheel alignment, etc., to not only reach maximum fuel efficiency, but to help your Subaru last longer as well.


Subaru Added Security Maintenance Plans can help you to maintain regularly scheduled care of your vehicle. Please see your dealer for details.


Driving Techniques


In racing, smoother is faster. On the street, smoother leads to optimum fuel economy. Use steady foot pressure on the accelerator pedal, and plan ahead when braking. Quick starts and hard stops wear out driveline components faster and play havoc with fuel economy.


See more driving tips that contribute to improved fuel economy in Quick Stops.



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