Almabtrieb Subaru

by Davnet Schaffer, Stonington, CT


We really missed our third (2009 Outback) and fourth (2012 Impreza Sport) Subaru vehicles while we were living in Bavaria in southern Germany last year. They are not quite as common in Germany as they are in New England, so our whole family got in the habit of shouting out “Subaru!” any time we saw one go by.


While traveling in Switzerland, we noticed a lot more Subaru vehicles in the alpine regions. Many Swiss towns even use the Outback as their police cars.


While in the Alps, one of our favorite events was the yearly cattle parade. During Almabtrieb, farmers bring their cows down from their summer home in the Alps. If the season has been a good one (with no loss of cows), the cows are decorated with ribbons, flowers, and headdresses and paraded through the town. We were delighted to see this Subaru Polizei completing the parade!





by Carolyn Williams, Flower Mound, TX


Our grandson, Isaac, loves our Subaru and is always talking about it. Sometimes it comes out as a “Poobaru,” but that makes it all the more endearing. He will stand and stare at the stars on the back and on the wheels as long as we will let him, so his mom made him happy with his new “Subaru” tricycle.








Ladybug Love

by Tina Valentinetti, Moretown, VT


We’re planning to buy the new Subaru XV Crosstrek, in Tangerine Orange Pearl. It will be our seventh family Subaru.


Apparently, this ladybug agrees with our choice, as she kept coming back to the flyer that was lying on our table. Possibly she was attracted to it because it coordinates with her own coloring. Then again, we think it’s just “ladybug love.”




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