Spring in Oregon

by Ryan Tobias, Bend, OR


Our Memorial Day kayaking/fly-fishing trip to southern Oregon was briefly interrupted by this unexpected snowstorm. Luckily, the clouds lifted, and we were able to proceed downriver on an exciting, albeit cold, kayaking adventure.










Loyalty, Legacy, and Love

by Joya B. Chakravarty, Ossining, NY


Ever since I can remember, my parents have owned a Subaru – the first was a 1980 model.


I currently own a 2007 Impreza, and I love it! My parents have older Impreza models – 1993 and 2001.


Recently my parents donated their 1993 Subaru to a friend in need. Before the donation took place, I had a picture taken of all three cars to show our loyalty and love for our Subaru vehicles! I hope we can keep the family legacy going of owning Subaru cars.




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