SI-DRIVE Safeguards


The SI-DRIVE system can sense when a potential engine or transmission problem may exist, and it will react to help prevent damage.


For example, if the CHECK ENGINE warning light/malfunction indicator light illuminates while the engine is running, SI-DRIVE automatically resets to Sport mode. When the light is on, changing to either Sport Sharp mode or Intelligent mode is not possible.


Also, if the temperature of the engine coolant increases to the point of possible overheating, selection of the Sport Sharp mode is not possible. If the selector is in Sport Sharp when engine temperature reaches a certain point, the system automatically resets to the Sport mode.


Similarly, the SI-DRIVE selectors in Legacy and Outback models with 3.0-liter engines automatically reset to Sport mode when engine oil temperature increases.


Driving Enjoyment for any situation


Thanks to Toshio Masuda’s dream of being able to change an engine’s characteristics, SI-DRIVE enhances the environmental friendliness of Subaru vehicles while making available high-performance driving capabilities. Providing three engines in one, this advanced technology allows a driver to adjust the vehicle to appropriately embrace any driving situation and his or her own driving style.


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