Interstate 90 runs across the southern part of South Dakota. Along this route, travelers can experience all that’s historic, patriotic, adventuresome, fun to drive, relaxing, interactive, environmental, intriguing, and tacky about vacationing in America. Most of all, though, it confirms the South Dakota slogan – “Great Faces. Great Places.”


Before packing up your vehicle and driving to South Dakota, be prepared for travel in open spaces – both in terms of population density and of geography. Population is sparse (less than 815,000 in the entire state), and so, consequently, are the number of towns. Don’t expect food stops every five miles; they aren’t there. Plus, you can see for miles at crests on the road and from hills and mountains that you might visit.


The goal of our trip to South Dakota was to see Mount Rushmore, which was on everyone’s long-standing list of things to do. Along the way, those in our party who had that as their only goal found that South Dakota is so much more than one national monument. Other parts of the trip became favorites, too, and the various places we visited impressed family members in different ways.


Along the Interstate


The nature of agriculture changes when entering South Dakota from the east along Interstate 90. Fields of corn give way to rolling plains with hay, wheat, and other crops, as well as roaming herds of cattle. Grain bins and windmills dot the landscape. As you drive, these displays of agricultural prowess remind you of the importance of the American farmer.


Penny (mother, household manager, and first-time visitor to South Dakota):
We’ve seen wind turbines before, but there were so many acres of them. It seemed like hundreds all in a row, turning slowly, catching the wind to produce energy.
And the sunflowers – fields and fields of bright yellow sunflowers faced upward to the sun, their leaves flowing carelessly in the breeze.
The hills around us stretched as far as your eye can see. The horizon seemed endless. This is some of the most majestic beauty there is in this country!






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