Sioux Falls – Historic Meeting Place


Native Americans, early European explorers, and settlers congregated near these falls of the Big Sioux River. The city of Sioux Falls was founded here in 1856.


Falls Park surrounds the river’s cascading water, where the water drops approximately 100 feet. A public park has walking paths around the falls, a five-story observation tower, and historic buildings and building sites.


For those who enjoy history, an evening audio and laser-light show about Sioux Falls takes place after dark from Memorial Day through Labor Day. In winter, the park is decorated in lights between mid-November and the first week of January. (


Emerson (high-school sophomore):
If you are planning on going to South Dakota, I would recommend going to Sioux Falls, which is very beautiful and romantic. Take your significant other, for it’s a great place for couples.
You should also watch the history on Sioux Falls and listen to “Danny Boy” at the free laser show. This is something you will never forget.





The Corn Palace in Mitchell – The Attraction of Agricultural Art


The people of Mitchell built the first Corn Palace in 1892. They covered the building’s exterior with agricultural products to attract and encourage entrepreneurs and immigrants who were passing through to settle in the area. Mitchell’s fall festivals celebrated the area’s harvests, which were featured in the Corn Palace’s mosaic patterns made of corn, grasses, and grain such as rye, oats, and sour dock.


Today’s Corn Palace is the third one, and it is still redecorated annually. It’s a community center that serves as a sports arena and stage for a variety of entertainment. A tour of the building and a video are free. (


The Corn Palace is remarkable in the fact that the exterior is made of corn and other natural stuff.
Make sure you get popcorn balls, more specifically cookies ‘n’ cream flavored (they’re my favorite). There is a movie about the history of the palace, but just make sure the supervisor knows how to work the DVD player.
This is a great place to take your kids.
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