Subaru owners Rebeccah and Laurel Wassner are 35-year-old twins living near New York City. Last August, the dynamic duo finished first and second, respectively, in the 2010 New York City Triathlon.


“After being named USA Triathlon’s Athlete of the Year in 2009 and spending 2010 sidelined with an injury, I’m back for 2011 with the goal of becoming the country’s fastest triathlete once again,” Rebeccah said.


Since childhood, athletics came naturally. Rebeccah ran Division I cross country and track for Mount St. Mary’s College in Maryland, and Laurel earned a swimming scholarship as a walk-on at George Washington University. Both majored in accounting.


“I knew I could make an impact as a pro, but focused instead on pursuing a career as a CPA,” Rebeccah said. “It took my sister overcoming cancer for me to quit my job and start something totally new.”


As Laurel battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Rebeccah dedicated herself to her sports full time and began racking up wins. Laurel began training even as she recovered from chemotherapy. She is the first cancer survivor to become a pro triathlete and was named Rookie of the Year by USA Triathlon in 2008.


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