Older Subaru Models


I needed a car after selling my truck. I found my GL at a local used car lot whose profits support a local homeless ministry.


My GL was the classic grandma car: 165,000 miles, no leaks, logs for all work ever done to it, perfect exterior, perfect interior except for minor wear on the driver’s seat. It still had the windshield sticker saying that it is illegal to drive the car with the plastic seat covers used to ship the car.


It is FWD with selectable 4WD and 4WD-LO, and it has 8" of ground clearance!


I love my car, it has that classic unique mid-80s Subaru styling that set them apart from everything else.
I am a Subaru owner for life!


~ Brian Abington, Spokane Valley, WA



GL Wagon


I was taught by my parents to take good care of things. But over the past four years that I’ve owned a 1986 GL Wagon, I’ve evaded this piece of friendly advice.


From nighttime blasts down California’s I-5 freeway to excursions across the sands of the Sonoran Desert, my battered Subie has always gotten me where I’m headed. Even on steep, rocky, mountain roads normally reserved for Forest Service rangers in trucks, all I’ve had to do to make the grade in my front-wheel-drive GL Wagon is turn around and crash up the hill in reverse.


As a freelance journalist, my ancient GL has been both transportation and lodging for assignments all over the United States and Mexico and on scores of surfing and skiing trips. It got me to graduate school in New York from California, and I expect it will return me to “The Golden State,” too.


Seriously, all I can do is gush about this beat-up, utilitarian, fun-to-drive, little beast.


~ Benjamin Preston, Santa Barbara, CA





Over the years, my family and I have owned over 60 Subaru vehicles. We currently have a fully restored 1979 BRAT, a 1994 SVX, 2007 Forester XT, a 2004 WRX, a 2007 Legacy GT, a 2005 Turbo Baja, a 2007 Impreza RS, and last, but not least, our new addition – a 2004 Forester XS.


We have a problem and may need counseling on how not to fall in love with every one we see. Most people find stray dogs; we find stray Subaru vehicles.


The Forester saved my wife’s life about one year ago when she hit a pickup truck doing 50 mph, and she walked away without a scratch. Thank you, Subaru, for a great car.


~ Joe Luby, Gun Barrel, TX



Gamecock BRAT


In 1984, I bought a brand-new Subaru BRAT – The only new car I’ve ever owned. My wife and I had some wonderful times and travel in it.


I sold it to my sister years later and then bought it back many years after that. It was my son’s “first car,” and he loved it.


I am a very dedicated University of South Carolina Gamecock fan. My “Roo” became my football tailgating ride. With a custom logo on the hood and covered with flags and decals, it drew a lot of comments and pictures. When it finally breathed its last, I found a 1986 BRAT, transferred the hood, and have continued the tradition for many years. It’s still going strong.


I still hear a lot of BRAT stories when people see it, and most young people want to know what it is. Many of them are STI and Outback owners and really love seeing an old model still running proud.


That Subaru love thing is for real!


~ Grant Hunter, Lexington, SC



How Many Miles?


I bought my 1996 Subaru Legacy Brighton with approximately 110,000 miles on it and only changed the oil, tires, exhaust, and brakes. Never had problems with it, and I’m still driving it.


My co-workers always ask me, “How many miles now?” When I got close to 300,000, they were more curious. Would I make it?


Well, now it has 302,000, and I’m still driving it. I made a special photo and sent it to them.


This is my third Subaru. It’s been a great car and still going. Just got new tires today, so I guess I’m keeping it a bit longer.


~ Marvin Waid, Belding, MI


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