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Long Canyon in Utah is accessible via a very steep, sharply switchbacked, dirt road that drops off a high plateau and includes the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands National Park. Here, our 2007 Forester emerges from a rock tunnel that required deft maneuvering to keep from leaving the oil pan and drive shaft behind.


But that was nothing compared to what we encountered next – a quarter-mile section washed out by a flash flood. A county bulldozer was trying to cut a path through the soft, deep soil chock full of rocks. “Can we make it through?” we asked. “Sure,” the dozer operator said. “Several other Subaru vehicles have already been through here today.” We sank in the soft dirt and dodged pointed rocks, but the Forester’s clearance and all-wheel drive got us through.


~ Howard Berkes, Salt Lake City, UT




Outback in Zion


I recently had to replace my car after 28 years and over 200,000 miles. I wanted something that would be equally reliable but had a bit more clearance. Everyone I’ve known that has a Subaru has recommended them highly. I finally found a 2009 Outback in Prescott, Arizona.


The attached photo shows my new Outback at Zion National Park in Utah. I work for the National Park Service there. The picture was taken on the Scenic Drive near Big Bend. The white cliff in the far background is the Great White Throne, and the red cliff in the near background is the Organ.


~ Erin Brannon, Springdale, UT



On the Way to the Top of Mt. Rainier


When I was on my way to climb Mt. Rainier, I stopped to take this picture of the mountain.


Two days later, I made it to the top (14,410 feet)!


~ Shae Wyatt, Seattle, WA




Under the Veil


My wife, Mary Ann, and I went for a hiking trip to an area around Sapphire, North Carolina. The weather didn’t cooperate for most of the week we were there, so we visited some of the local waterfalls.


Here is a shot of our 2007 Outback under Bridal Veil Falls near Highlands, North Carolina. The Outback is the fifth of six Subaru vehicles we’ve bought new and one of three we now own.


~ Jim Spontak, Etters, PA


Outback in Mojave


Only two months since we got our first Outback and already we’ve been to so many beautiful places. Red Rock Canyon near the Mojave Desert is just amazing.


~ Karen Muehlberger, Pasadena, CA


Road Closed


Attached is a picture of my 2009 Outback Wagon during a gorgeous day of cross-country skiing in Umatilla National Forest here in southeastern Washington.


This is my first Subaru, and I am most definitely a dedicated Subarite from now on.


~ Andy Ashford, Clarkston, WA


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