Subaru Vehicles in Snow


Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon, home to two world-class ski resorts, is winter home away from home for our ski patrol family. My Subaru Outback gets loaded with groceries, boots, snowshoes, ski poles, and the dog – with snowboards and skis safely stowed in the ski rack on top – to make the 117-mile drive to Big Cottonwood Canyon from our home in central Utah every week. Once we reach Salt Lake City, we go up nearly 4,000 feet of winding road to this winter wonderland. With an average of well over 500 inches of snow each season, winter driving in Big Cottonwood can seem daunting to the faint of heart.


Now if only I could get the dog to learn how to dig out the car ...


~ Gloria Albrecht, Mt. Pleasant, UT




Mammoth Snow


I thought that you might enjoy these recent shots of our trusty 2006 Outback on a ski trip to the extraordinary snows of Mammoth Mountain in the High Sierras. 2011 brought record quantities of the already famous snows of that resort area but, as always, our Outback faithfully and safely transported us with its amazing stability.


~ Bob and Lynn Bassler



Winter in Connecticut


I’ve attached photos of my 2000 Subaru Forester, which has reliably negotiated everything thrown at it during this record-breaking Connecticut winter. Thanks Subaru!


~ Mike Wallace, Monroe, CT



Subaru to the Rescue


I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT in upstate New York near Syracuse. We get lots of snow – In fact, 149 inches this winter season. That’s a little more than 12 feet. I depend on my all-wheel-drive Subaru to get around town in the winter.


As a volunteer firefighter, I respond from home to the fire station with a flashing blue strobe attached to the inside of my windshield. Other drivers are expected to yield the right-of-way to my vehicle as I respond to an emergency.



Recently we were getting pounded by an overnight snowstorm. Early that morning, I received an alert from my pager to respond to a vehicle that rolled over on its roof and landed upside-down in a creek. I jumped in my 2004 Legacy Wagon and raced out of my driveway. I suddenly came behind one of our county snowplows. It should have been a good thing, because the snowplow was providing me with favorable driving conditions. However, the snowplow was proceeding very slowly as it was plowing snow.


The driver saw my flashing blue light and pulled over to allow me to pass him.


At that very moment, I truly appreciated my all-wheel-drive Subaru. It maintained consistent traction in the deep snow and delivered me promptly at the fire station to catch a seat on the rescue truck that was responding to the rollover.


Things ended well. The driver was able to extricate himself out of his upside-down car. He was very wet, very cold, but very much alive and well.


Now, that’s my Subaru to the rescue! The all-wheel drive traction was there when I desperately needed it.


Thanks for everything, Subaru, especially in an emergency.


~ Bruce Foster, Kirkville, NY

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