Cattle Call


While counting chicks in nests at a wildlife refuge that shares land with some cattle, I turned to see this scene. The cattle came over to my Cayenne Pearl Forester, not to the other cars driven to the area.


I’ve been told they licked the paint off a fish-and-game truck that was stuck in the mud for a month, so I guess I was lucky.


Later, I discovered a cow-size dent in my front fender. Dent’s gone. I still have the 2005 Forester and lovin’ it.


~ Linda Geraci, Sacramento, CA




Donkey Town


We drove from Chula Vista, California, to the Grand Canyon last summer with our best friends – two moms and two kids. Thirteen hours there and 11 hours back!


We stopped in Oatman, Arizona, as we heard there were wild donkeys roaming the main street. As soon as we entered town, the donkeys came up to us – still in our Forester – to be petted and fed. We stopped there for lunch and bought carrots for the wild donkeys. The kids had a blast!


I do have to say that four of us in my 2009 Forester was actually a comfortable experience!!


~ Margaret Minor, Chula Vista, CA


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