Hurricane Baja


My Baja will probably get washed away in a hurricane since I use it for hurricane research. It was almost caught on the beach as Hurricane Dennis approached, but as the water lapped at the back of my legs, we jumped in the trusty Baja and made our escape.


The image above shows the approach of the storm and the passenger side mirror of my Baja. The buildings in the distance are the access point to the beach. It was an exciting race to beat Dennis to the condos, but we won.


~ James H. “Rip” Kirby III, Tampa, FL






While my husband took a trip and left his Subaru behind, I thought I would give it a little treatment. Not to worry; he likes it, and the embellishments are only held on with upholstery pins.


~ Ginger Matera Edinger,
Richmond, IN


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