Farm to School


At Vermont FEED – a statewide Farm to School program that works with schools and communities to raise awareness about healthy food, the role of Vermont farms and farmers, and good nutrition – we do a LOT of hauling! Whether it’s crates of fresh produce from local farms to school kitchens, bins full of cooking equipment for food service trainings on using local foods in school cafeterias, or boxes full of books and resources to regional workshops and trainings.


At a recent regional workshop, we all arrived to unload our cars and set up for an afternoon of workshops, cooking, and events to find that every single one of us drove a Subaru Forester!


~ Danielle Phipher, Roxbury, VT



It’s a Puzzle


When I read that Subaru was the Japanese word for Pleiades (hence the starry logo), I thought that would be a great tag. Now I am the proud owner of a 2010 Subaru Outback with the tag PLEIADZ. It’s a puzzle for most people, and some ask me outright what it means. But every now and then, someone will pass me with a big smile and wave, and I know that they got it.


~ Heather Ely, Hadensville, VA


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