Curt Irons


Summer 2014

Curt Irons has spent his entire professional career with HARMAN – 23 years, in fact – and he is proud to be a Subaru partner. That acoustic partnership with Harman Kardon®1 – a brand of HARMAN International Industries, Inc. – began with the launch of the 2009 model-year Subaru Legacy and Outback.

“HARMAN is passionate about audio, and Subaru is passionate about its vehicles,” he said. “HARMAN is also very strong from an engineering and design standpoint, so there is a natural synergy with our partnership. Both parties are experts in their fields, and we’re able to collaborate very easily as complementary parts.”


Irons is also a Subaru driver: “I drive a 2009 Subaru Legacy GT. It is a great-driving car – nimble, quick, and reactive to what I want to do. I’ve never had this in a vehicle before,” he said.

Another gratifying part of his Subaru experience is the camaraderie among Subaru drivers. “I’ve had complete strangers who are also driving Subaru vehicles give me a nod and a wave. That is totally cool,” he said.

Looking ahead, Irons promises to continue doing his best to ensure that the sound filling Subaru interiors is top-notch. That’s music to our ears. 

1 Harman Kardon is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Inc.