The Art of Food


A piece of apple pie at the Julian Pie Company
completes a trip to Palomar Mountain.


The area road map used for this journey touted Julian, California, for its spring wildflowers, autumn apple harvest and apple pies. That was intriguing enough to prompt a search for food. Julian is only a few miles away from Palomar Mountain.


As you pass through Wynola Springs on the way to Julian, you’ll find the Wynola Pizza Express. I recommend its vegan pizza, which is made with pizza sauce, sautéed tofu, fresh garlic and veggies. Even more interesting is the oven in which the pizza is baked. It features a mosaic exterior created by artist James Hubbell. The mosaic incorporates broken tiles, plates, cups and saucers. Look for the cup handles and teapot spout.


The Hale Telescope has been used by astronomers to help unlock the secrets of the universe since 1949.

The soil and climate of the area surrounding Julian are perfect for growing apple trees. Many of their apples go to the Julian Pie Company, which served as another food stop. Apple pie a la mode at the pie company’s location on Main Street in Julian topped off lunch. Pies made locally can be shipped anywhere, for anyone who enjoys the flavor and crust of homemade apple pies. The company offers other pies and desserts as well.


For more about the pizza and pies, visit and


Down to the Sea Again


Returning from the Highway to the Stars and the Observatory, I couldn’t help but reflect upon how explorers have used the stars as navigational tools for centuries.


This road trip exceeded expectations. Driving the mountain roads was a delight, plus it was scenic, educational and I had satisfied my appetite!


Palomar Mountain - Social History


Learn about Palomar Mountain’s fascinating history by visiting


Of particular interest are the links to the printed works Palomar from Teepee to Telescope by Catherine M. Wood (Frye & Smith, 1937) and Palomar Mountain: Past and Present by Marion F. Beckler (Desert Magazine, 1958).


 Palomar Mountain - Geological facts


  • Palomar Mountain rests on a granite block, making it less threatened by earthquakes than other parts of the region
  • The mountain is 25 miles long and six miles wide
  • Elevation of its peak – 6,126 feet


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