Subaru Pledges Support for Montgomery College Students


Since 1993, Subaru of America (SOA) has donated to Montgomery College's Automotive Technology Program. SOA has renewed its commitment to the Subaru of America Endowed Scholarship for five more years by pledging an additional $75,000.


Half of the pledge will sustain the endowed scholarship, and the other half will create a scholarship fund for students not involved in the automotive technology program. This fund is intended for students with significant financial need. Montgomery College is in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Subaru of Jacksonville Helps Launch "A lot of Love About Reading"


Subaru of Jacksonville teamed up with three elementary schools in Florida's Duval County for the "A Lot of Love About Reading" event. Students in third through fifth grades participated to see who could read the most books between October 15 and November 30.


The students kept track of the books they read using coupons that tied in reading comprehension. The coupons were provided by the dealership, which rewarded the child, class, and school with the most coupons.


Subaru partners with organizations that reflect owner interests and lifestyles. Find a list of these organizations and their events at 

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