Caring for Your Subaru


Depending on the information that you've entered in your MySubaru space, your vehicle's VIN, estimated mileage (which you can update), and next suggested service date are listed, along with links to other vehicle-specific information. These are intended to help you maintain your Subaru in a timely manner.


In addition, service alerts appear in a highlighted area, as do possible service alerts from Subaru that would apply to your specific vehicle(s).

On the right, under each of the Subaru vehicles, you can choose from a menu to:

  • Check its maintenance schedule
  • View its service history
  • Access service coupons from your selected dealer
  • Check its recall and service programs
  • Link to the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Value Program and find the specific value of your Subaru
  • Look for vehicle-specific Subaru accessories brochures
  • Store its immobilizer and key codes
  • Refer to its warranty guide


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