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Bi-directional Remote Start System (for 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback


The new Subaru two-way remote start system – available on the 2010 Legacy and Outback – is easy to use and reliable. To start the vehicle, simply press the START button twice on the hand-held remote. If within range, the vehicle horn will emit a short "chirp" and the parking lights will flash to indicate that the remote start system has been triggered.


The vehicle "talks back" by sending a confirming signal to the hand-held remote, which will flash twice to confirm that the vehicle has started. It will emit two flashes every few seconds to confirm that the vehicle is running.


Generally, the system works in a range of up to 400 feet, but that will vary with the locations of the vehicle and the remote operator as well as the condition of the remote battery.


Please note this new function: If the vehicle is running in remote start mode, the engine will turn off when any door is opened. The driver then can restart the vehicle with the ignition key. This feature is necessary to ensure that the vehicle security system remains fully functional.


Remote starting does not interfere with the system's pre-cool or pre-warm function. Automatic climate control systems will automatically adjust the temperature to ensure that the interior is cool during summer months and warm during winter months. Vehicles equipped with manually adjusted climate controls will heat or cool the vehicle's interior according to climate control settings.


Subaru remote start system features include:

  • Fully integrated, factory-fit wire harness
  • Reliable, long-range operation
  • Subaru warranty
  • Easy operation
  • Components designed to high Subaru engineering standards   


Vehicle Need Service?


According to the Car Care Council, 80 percent of vehicles checked during National Car Care Months in April and October required parts replacement, service, or fluids. Motor oil, windshield wipers, air filters, belts and hoses, and lights were the most frequent areas requiring attention.


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