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Our family is spread out over mountains, deserts, and the western coast. Get-togethers always include lots of travel and lots of adventure. Our Subaru vehicles make this possible; they are a part of our family!


Our families live in Vallejo, California; Redmond, Oregon; Dayton, Nevada; Scotts Valley, California; and Orange County, California. We enjoy camping, outrigger canoeing, road biking, mountain biking, and general adventuring.


~ Tory Gaba, Vallejo, CA






Over the River and Through the Woods



My wife, Meegan, and I are on our third Subaru – we currently have a 2008 Outback Limited as well as a 2002 Outback. I recently sold my 1993 Legacy Wagon that had 200,000 miles on it and was running smoothly – we just needed something a little more up to date in the safety arena (and replaced it with the 2008).


We aren't the only ones in our family with a passion for Subaru vehicles. Every year we get together at my parents' place for Thanksgiving along with my sister, parents-in-law, brother, and sister-in law. All have their own Subaru Outbacks. Part of the holiday tradition is to cut Christmas trees from the forested land my parents live on. It is a great way to have a family tradition as well as help to restore the forest's health.


~ Eric Odell, Fort Collins, CO



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