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Take a look at Your Turn in this issue to see two of the stories that others have shared.


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When it snowed last January, the city shut down. As a
result, a few Subaru buddies got a ‘free pass' from work
and decided to search out some fun. We had many
powerslides, donuts and other shenanigans that day.
-Jeremy C., Independence, KY.

We are now on Subaru's number 4-7, shown with their owners
in this photo (03, 06, 07 and 09). My first Subie was a '79, and
the last 6 have all been Outbacks. We are a skiing family --
nordic and alpine -- and we ALL love the Outback as the
perfect skier car: sure-footed, safe, comfy, reliable, and
just the right size for stowing those precious skis (and lots of
other stuff!) in the back.
-The Stamp Clan


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