Subaru Helps Dogs and Puppies Find Homes at Pilots N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway


On September 18, Subaru supported partner Pilots N Paws in its Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway. Subaru vehicles transported volunteers to and from New Orleans Lakefront Airport in their rescue efforts. From New Orleans, 114 pilots and co-pilots flying 58 private airplanes transported as many as 500 animals to receiving shelters as far away as New Jersey. (Learn more at


Subaru Partners with Mount Washington Observatory to Help Raise Nearly $200,000


In August, Subaru of America, Inc. sponsored the 10th annual Seek the Peak hike-a-thon fundraiser for the Mount Washington Observatory. An event record 479 people raised $100 or more each to support the observatory's work.


Since 1932, Mount Washington Observatory has conducted weather research and education at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire -- one of the most extreme locations for weather on earth. (Find more information at

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