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110 v Power Outlet


Available for all new Subaru vehicles except Tribeca, the Genuine Subaru Accessory 110 v Power Outlet provides electricity for devices with rated consumption power up to 100 W. These include portable radios, CD players, TV games, battery chargers for mobile phones as well as still and video cameras, computers (and their batteries), lights, compressor-less coolers, shavers, audio players, some television sets, and more.


However, never use this outlet for any medical device, such as blood-pressure gauges, aspirators, or contact lens sterilizers.


Other electric devices cannot be used, such as measuring devices and those that require large electric consumption. These include larger television sets, clocks, refrigerators with compressors, pumps, blow guns, and power tools with AC motors.


Operating tips:

  • The outlet is equipped with a cover, which should be closed when nothing is plugged in.
  • The outlet becomes hot when in use, so don't cover it or touch it with bare hands or feet.
  • Do not use the outlet when the vehicle's engine is turned off.
  • Only use the air conditioner or heater at low levels while the outlet is in use.
  • Do not use the outlet with the engine running at idle.



Outside Temperature Indicator


When the temperature outside your vehicle drops to 37 degrees Fahrenheit or lower while you're driving, the temperature indicator flashes to warn you that the road surface may be frozen. (The indicator is NOT broken!) Remember that bridges and overpasses freeze first!


The indicator flashes for five seconds either when the outside temperature drops to 37 degrees or lower or when turning on the ignition while the temperature is 37 degrees or lower.


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